Member Benefits

Local Only Benefits are indicated in red

Joining ACF CASA allows you to have:

  • Membership in the largest culinary organization in the US that promotes and supports the professional chef.
  • Gain access to a global network..World Association of Chefs Societies (WACS) comprised of 8 million chefs worldwide in 92 countries
  • Camaraderie and support of your local chapter, CASA. Term Life Insurance. offered to members in “good standing.” This benefit is currently being offered to Professional Culinarian, Culinarian, Student Culinarian, Senior Professional Culinarian, Allied and Associate members who are not part of Property or Military programs.

Joining ACF CASA allows you to network with:

  • Top professional chefs, culinary educators, award winning cooking teams and students at local, national and international levels.

Joining ACF CASA keeps you current with:

  • Complimentary subscription to ACF’s monthly national publication, The National Culinary Review featuring the hottest trends and techniques in culinary sent to your door.
  • Bi-monthly emailed newsletter, The Culinary Insider.
  • Monthly Chef Association meetings held locally. National members can attend the annual Western Regional Conference and the National Convention.
  • Monthly local newsletter, The Roadrunner.

Joining ACF ASA enhances your professional growth with:

  • Continuing education at local educational seminars, worshops, symposiums and field trips of interest to our members.
  • Opportunity to build culinary skills and knowledge through local competitions. National members can be part of the regional and national competitions.
  • On the job training as an apprentice in the apprenticeship program.
  • Option to prove your skills by achieving professional certification.
  • Scholarship opportunities for both culinary students and professional chefs seeking to further their education.

Joining ACF CASA encourages career advancement with:

  • An Internet Career Canter for members to post resumes and to view job listings nation wide.
  • Job posting announced at meetings, on our website and in The Roadrunner.

Joining ACF CASA encourages community involvement by:

  • Encouraging members to be heard through their votes and willingness to run for office and volunteer their time and services to CASA.
    • Help build a healthier tomorrow with Chef & Child foundation. Be a voice in the culinary industry in its fight against childhood hunger, malnutrition and obesity. American Culinary Federation chef members help educate children and famalies in understanding proper nutrition through community-based initiatives.
  • Providing opportunities to volunteer your time and services to the benefit of deserving organizations on both the local and national level


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